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September 9th, 2014

Now that we have successfully released our 3.1.2 update, we would like to share with you our priorities for the months ahead. As always these are fluid and will change as circumstances arise.

Let me say first of all that we are overwhelmed by the response of the F# open source community to our decision to accept contributions to the Visual F# Tools. We were confident that you would step up and help us build a better toolset, however, the extent and quality of the contributions you have made are astonishing. We truly appreciate working with you in this endeavor thank you for each and every PR you send, we truly appreciate it.

• Unblock F# 4.0 PR’s
• Get to work on fixing anything broken by 3.1.2
• Get to work on 3.1.3
• Github
• Improve Open source Dev experience Fake etc ...

As you know we are a small and agile team within Microsoft DevDiv we are having a fantastic time working with you, you make us so much more productive.

Thank you for your support and all of your excellent contributions.

For the Visual F# Tools Team


July 11th 2014

Right now you are noticing a large build up of FSharp 4.0 PR's. About 28 the last time I looked. I apologize that we haven't got around to signing off on the implementations and pulling them yet, but we have our hands quite full at the moment.

Our priorities up to now have been:
  1. Getting as much of our stack and test assets open sourced and accepting contributions as possible.
    • Initial Open source effort of compiler, tools and tests in April,
    • Open source of Templates in May, O
    • Open source of VS UI/Add-ins last week
    • Open source of our UI test collateral today
    • Validating/reviewing and pulling pull community PR's
  2. As well as :
    • Taking care of bugs,
    • Stopped FSI locking DLLss when run from VS and added a command line switch to allow it to work that way from the command line too
    • other random stuff that occurs daily

Don is currently focused on working with the community on F# 4.0. The Community is doing a fantastic job of extending F# 4.0 and I am very proud of how much work you have done, and how impressive the quality is too. We are in fact feeling very guilty about having spent so little time on F# 4.0, and having such a huge backlog of F# 4.0 PR's.

Right at the moment our priorities are this:
  1. Get Oob 3.1.2 ready to ship at the right quality with the right features
  2. Put the finishing touches to Profile78 and 259
  3. Some internal work to enable us to get the F# 4.0 PRs in the pipeline

We will be able to get to FSharp 4.0 PR's shortly, but without the internal work mentioned above it will not be as clean, so we are going to take care of that. In the meantime keep working on F#4.0 PR's We would love to see some UI bug fixes now that it is open.


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